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What should you do when you need a car tyre puncture repair service?

If you regularly drive your car in Singapore, you will realize that car tyre puncture is not uncommon. However, having a punctured car tyre is never a good experience because of what it could mean to the proper functionality of your vehicle. In this article, you will understand what the car tyre puncture repair process involves. Firstly, we will go over what can cause a car tyre puncture.

What can cause a car tyre puncture?

One of the most commonly known causes of a car tyre puncture is sharp objects. These include glass, nails, wire, screws, etc., that may find their way lying on the road. Being cautious when you drive in or around areas where there’s construction work can help you avoid this kind of mishap from happening.

Bad poorly-maintained roads can also cause you to have a flat punctured tyre and may extend to other parts of the car, including the axles and undercarriage. Drive slowly when you are on bad roads and be sure not to tailgate the vehicle in front to have ample time to react to potholes.

Additionally, improper inflation can also damage a car tyre. So it is essential to maintain the correct pressure to avoid having a flat tyre. Do check your tyre pressure at least once a month as routine maintenance.

Sometimes, your car tyre may also go flat just on its own. Regular driving causes wear and tear on the tyre, making it more susceptible to suffering a puncture. Heat can also expand the air in your tyre, leading to increased pressure and increased chances of having a flat car tyre.

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6 Telltale sign that you have a car tyre puncture


When your car tyre has a puncture, you should notice any of the following:

  • Reduced tyre pressure
  • Deflated tyre
  • Wheels wobbling when you drive
  • Problems steering the car
  • The car is moving to a side as if a force is pulling on it from the side of the road
  • Loud flapping sound and noticeable vibration as you drive

It is essential to pay attention to these signs because you may damage the tyre more. Punctured car tyres can also cause accidents, which may endanger your life and that of the passengers on your vehicle.

So what can you do when you get a car tyre puncture?

Repairing a punctured car tyre should only be done by you if you have the skill and the tools. It must be done correctly as a shoddy job can endanger your life. You must have a tyre sealant in your car. However, note that the process described below works if the puncture is less than 4mm wide. Also, this is a temporary measure.

  • Bring the car immediately to a stop and apply the car’s handbrake when you are in a safe place away from the traffic.
  • Ask your passengers to move out of the car into a safer place
  • Grab your sealant and check for the site of the tyre puncture
  • If there is a nail or other sharp object, do not remove it because doing so will make the hole bigger
  • Apply the sealant, following the instructions by the manufacturer. Note that the instruction may differ from one manufacturer to another
  • Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure
  • Get back into your car and drive off. However, do not exceed the speed stipulated in the repair kit
  • Seek a car tyre puncture repair service or a car tyre replacement service as soon as possible

However, if you are not able to repair your punctured car tyre, slow down and park on the side of the road. The next step is to reach out to us for our car tyre puncture repair services by calling us here.

All you need to do is share your location with us, and our trained specialists will be on the spot in no time regardless of where your car is located. We are also available at any time of the day, so you do not have to be stranded.

Our experts can repair your tyre or replace them on the spot altogether. We can loan you a spare tyre if you do not have one or if it is damaged. However, a loan for a spare tyre would require a security deposit.

Finally, our mobile car tyre repair team should have the tyre size of your preference if not we can offer to tow your car to the nearest desired car workshop.

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What else do I need to know about car tyre punctures?

It is important to note that not all punctures can be repaired. If the gash is wide and deep measuring around 6mm, there is noticeable damage on the sidewalls of the tyre, you may have to replace the entire tyre.

Even if you have a slow tyre puncture, it is important to stop driving immediately. If you continue driving, the slow puncture can quickly become a flat tyre, which is dangerous. Try to stop within 3KM of discovering the puncture and do not attempt to go faster than 30 km/h.

In Conclusion

Most people that drive a car will encounter a punctured tyre once during their ownership. However, the easiest way to deal with a car tyre puncture in Singapore is to call our car tyre puncture repair service. Remember our mobile team will be with you in no time, and you will be able to continue on your journey as soon as possible.