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Just what exactly do you need to know about the cost of car battery?

If you own a car, a point will come when you need to replace your car battery because it doesn’t last forever or the car’s lifetime.
You may wonder how much this will cost you. The exact cost of car battery depends on several factors, which is what the rest of this article will talk about.

How much should you expect to spend on a car battery?

The total cost of replacing your car battery is between an estimated $140 and $700. The price may increase depending on the electrical demand of your vehicle and other factors. However, the average cost for ordinary Japanese cars is usually around $180.

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Should I just buy and change the car battery myself?

Many people like DIY projects and may want to tackle a battery replacement themselves. It is possible to do it yourself, provided you have time, proper tools, and expertise. You also have to ensure the battery is indeed faulty. Additionally, you will also have to source the battery yourself, which may be daunting. But if you use a car workshop, you will be able to select from a broader range of batteries, not to mention having it replaced professionally too.

How often will you need to replace your battery?

Your car will show you signs when there is something wrong with the battery. However, you don’t have to wait until the vehicle stops working before getting a battery replacement. The Doctor Battery suggests an average battery life of two years. But depending on factors like climate (extreme temperatures can shorten your battery’s lifespan) and driving habits, you might need to get a new battery before the two-year mark.

What are the factors that may affect the cost of a car battery?

We will share the top 4 factors that determine your car battery price.

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Car Battery Type – Does it affect the cost of car battery?

Different types of batteries may ship with your car. Naturally, these batteries come at different costs. The four most common types are lead-acid, lithium-ion, Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM, and Enhanced Flooded Battery or EFB.

Lead-acid offer the cheapest cost of car battery. They have been around since the 19th century and have become mature. You will find standard lead-acid batteries in older cars, mostly manufactured before 2010. This is because automotive technologies were not as demanding as modern cars.

With newer car models, there is higher and more intensive electric demand for the battery. As a result, there have been modifications to the standard lead-acid battery, leading to EFB or AGM.

EFB batteries are suitable for cars with simple start-stop tech, which helps cars save on fuel during high traffic. The battery can run the car’s electric system when the engine shuts down. Your car battery price is higher if it is EFB.

AGM can handle more demanding applications as they can handle more car accessories like the AC, stereo, etc. But they cost more than EFB. The most expensive is lithium-ion, but they last longer and are more efficient.

Any replacement battery you purchase must match the manufacturer’s recommendation, or there might be problems.

Car Battery Brand and it’s affect on cost of car battery

Apart from the type, the car battery brand affects the cost. There are top car battery brands that have made a name for themselves by producing quality products. You can also get lower-priced brands or even generic ones.

Brands also have their strengths and weakness, so you should make your research before going for anyone. Check out our top-rated guide on the Best Car Battery Brands in Singapore here.

Generally, the better the car battery brand, the higher the cost. So think twice before going for the cheapest option. Also, you should note that a brand being expensive does not necessarily mean it is quality. It is better to seek recommendations from the experts so that you don’t waste your money.

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Car Battery Production Date

Even when you go for a quality brand, the battery’s production date is a factor in the cost. This is because a car battery that has been around for some time will not give the same level of performance.


A brand new battery costs more than an old or used one. However, the fact is that new batteries will last longer than used ones. A battery that has been abandoned for some time will experience loss of power because of self-discharge, so be wary of offers of batteries that have sat idle for a period.


If you are not very knowledgeable about cars, some battery sellers may try to talk you into paying for an old battery. Check the stickers on the battery to see the manufacturing date.

Where you buy your car battery and why it concerns cost of car battery

Even though selling the same items, stores put different markups on their wares. This affects batteries too, and the same brand can cost different amounts. There are reputable stores that sell at lower costs without affecting the quality. Shop around and compare prices to see where you will pay the least.


Some stores offer better warranty or return policies but may cost more.

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In Conclusion

You will need to change your car battery at a point. However, the cost of car battery price may vary depending on the battery type, brand, seller, and age.