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Introducing Our Starter Motor Repair Service

A starter motor is a component that considered most used by a car. As its name suggest, its purpose is to initiate the start of your engine. However, it does not always necessarily mean that your starter motor has gone bad just because your car do not start.

Are there signs that your starter is about to fail you may ask, here we are going to cover some ways to tell. Often times you find that engine may be more hesitant to start, it might take you several attempts. In some cases you might hear an abnormal noise or a single click sound with no response of your engine starting.

Do not panic when such problem arises, do not attempt to jump start your vehicle because this might do more harm than good. Therefore, it is wise to seek professional help from The Doctor Battery.

Our Starter Motor Repair Service Process

Step 1 – Call Our 24/7 Emergency Hotline 8383 9933
It’s really easy to engage our starter motor repair services, all you have to do is call 8383 9933 and tell us your emergency.

Step 2 – Share Us Your Current Location
With current advanced technology all it takes is a press of a button ‘Send Location’ with the widely used WhatsApp app. Alternatively, you could also drop us an SMS of your current location and details (car plate number, car model/make) of your vehicle.

Step 3 – Get Help
Be sure to have your vehicle parked somewhere safe and stay in your vehicle if you happen to be on the expressway or the roads. We try our best to ensure arrival at your location 30 mins upon your call. Get your starter motor repair fast when you choose The Doctor Battery.

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